Enterprise Application Software

An enterprise can be described as a large-scale organization. Therefore, an enterprise software development is basically a large-scale process. In addition to its scale, enterprise application software provide mission-critical features to a majority of the organization. This means that it handles most of the problems or tasks inherent to an enterprise. Other names that are commonly used to refer to enterprise application software are Enterprise app, Enterprise application and Enterprise software. The main activities that characterize enterprise application software can be categorized into two sections:
  1. The display of large quantities of complex data, their manipulation as well as storage.
  2. The automation or/and support of the business process that depends on the complex data earlier mentioned.


The common characteristics of enterprise application software are as follows:
  • They have a widespread performance that traverses numerous physical locations.
  • They have scalability.
  • The software tends to be business-oriented.
  • They are quite robust.
  • Enterprise application software is managed from a central location.
  • They are an intricate part of the enterprise’s mission.
  • This software comprises of a suite of computer programs like common business applications, tools for modeling the whole organization and development tools utilized in building apps unique to organization.


An enterprise application software can be used to do any of the following:
  • It can be used for scheduling.
  • The software can facilitate procurement.
  • It can perform accounting.
  • Enterprise application software is efficient in energy management.
  • They can be used for customer information management.
  • Order processing can be done using the software.

Difference with other kinds of software

Generally, there are two kinds of software:
  • Systems software
  • These software programs assist the computer to run in a similar fashion to an operating system. Examples include Microsoft Windows.

Application software

This software is utilized daily to create graphics, presentations, spreadsheets, databases and documents. Application software is commonly abbreviated as apps or applications and is used to execute function or play games. This is the category in which enterprise application software falls in due to its function of supporting a large enterprise’s mission. Application software can further be divided into two sections:
  • Applications that serve the needs of individuals
  • Applications that serve the needs of a larger group like an enterprise


Application software that caters to only a small portion of an enterprise is considered to as EAS. On the other hand, there is a variety of software packages that governments, businesses as well as other enterprises rely on for business needs and enterprise software happens to be the largest. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is the most popular option of enterprise software.